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Gabriela Glynn is a wedding and lifestyle photographer. With a deep love for her craft she is always enhancing her photographic talent by collaborating with other professionals and learning the newest techniques. Gabriela’s  love for photography is deep rooted and she is very lucky to have the opportunity to photograph and provide videography for special moments. Gabriela was happy to have been featured in the UnJersey Bride, Wedding Concierge, and Engaged Wedding blogs – all because of her quality and unique wedding photography. She was also featured internationally on Partecipando, an il blog dab wedding in Spain for her wedding videography. As a member of the American Photography Association (APA), Gabriela, who’s a Brazilian by birth, believes in “the beautiful, but she is a realist at heart – “Every reality can be beautiful, it’s just how you look at it.”

Gabriela ‘s photography boasts a boutique style of its own and exhibits creativity, flair,  fun, and more importantly,  a sense of non-intrusiveness. Gabriela treasures her partner in business, love and life, Jake,  of whom she says  “(He) stands by me and constantly pushes me to be the best photographer I can be”; and her son Pax, who is her most cherished subject on a day-to-day basis.



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